US Military – A Brief Overview

What does one expect about US Military? It is interesting to work on zones that you would never imagine to dominate in life.  If one intends to join the team, it would be better for them to learn certain aspects about this field. There are many ways through which you can find information related to this topic. During the recruitment process, materials will be given with details regarding military. Further reading and research on this subject can be useful.

Researching just for fun is a different story when compared to those who aim to seek knowledge due to their decision in joining the military. If being part of military is your reason, you need to think twice about your decision. Is this what you wanted out of life? After joining the crew, are you ready to strive with endeavor? You need to look into the motives that make you join military and the reasons that will hold you in this profession.

Quick Facts

Certain facts that you need to know to kick start your life in military:

1)      The various branches of Military forces in US come under the partnership of The United States Armed Forces. The purpose of its formation is to protect the country against British Empire.  The Second Continental Congress had enacted this during the American Revolutionary War.

2)      The Navy, Army and Marine Corps were formed in 1775 to be used the year after the Declaration of Independence. The combination of the United States Life-Saving Service and the Revenue Cutter Service formed the Coast Guard in 1915. The Revenue Cutter Service has been in existence since 1790. Whereas in 1947, the United States Air Force was affirmed as an independent service.  Since 1926 it used to be the United States Army Air Corps until the year it got altered and confirmed as the US Air Force.

3)      The foundation and progress of country’s history shows that the US Military had played an important role.  The victory of the Barbary Wars and the War of 1812 are solid proofs.  As a result, the feelings of national unity increased and the consciousness of individuality spread among the people when the country won these historical battles.

4)      The president of the country is the commander-in-chief of the military. The dual force of the President and Secretary of Defense together formed the policy of the Military. After the September 11 peak attacks, Department of Homeland Security was established aiming to battle the internal menaces.

5)      Being one of the biggest Militaries worldwide, it is comprised of about three million personnel. Half of them are reserve personnel.  The great number of volunteers is the main reason which characterizes its manpower.

6)      The devices and gadgets used by the armed forces in the US are hi-tech and powerful which give them the certainty to fight and win the battles. Furthermore, full support is provided by the US government especially in finance which allows them to buy sophisticated equipment in large quantity.

7)      Each year the budget of the US military is approximately about $711 billion which is 50% of the expenses of military worldwide.