Seven Ways to Make Patriotism More Personal in the New Year

Every one of us has our own patriotic spirit expressed either in subtle manners or in heroic deeds. For many people patriotism is a fetishistic and personal aspect of life that can be gaily expressed in fashion wear, useful accessories or decorative items. While some of them have their practical value others only serve the purpose of beautiful decorative objects expressing patriotic ideal and spirit in color and style. From the variety of patriotic expressions we can conclude that a lot of people simply aspire to take the spirit to a very personal level. Let us introduce here seven ways to make patriotism more personal in this New Year.

1.  US Army/Air Force License Plate Frame

There is no better and elegant way to add a patriotic flavor to your personal automobile than just using a license plate frame with US Army or US Air Force logo. The elegant metal finish of these plates can be given more attractive a look with the US Army or Air Force bold write-ups and logo. Such plates not only make the car stand apart from the crowd in look, but they also have a great decorative value for the car besides obviously flaunting a patriotic expression on a personal level.

2.  Military Patches

Military patches bearing the logo of the US Air Force, Army, Navy, Coast Guard or any of the prestigious US forces offer a subtle yet stylish element to express your patriotic feeling in a spirited manner. Military patches are available in a whole array of logo styles and types of patches.

3.  Military Mugs

Coffee mugs and drink ware bearing the logo of the US Army, Air Force, Navy or other military forces are fashionable items for practical purposes that add a patriotic charm in your everyday life. From patriotic mugs with flag design all over the mug body to an extensive range Air Force mugs and tumblers in cool shades, from US Army Airborne coffee mug to Army glass mugs to travel mugs, you have every kind of choice in mugs and drink ware to choose from this range.

4.  Navy Caps/Head-wear

US Navy caps are great fashion head wear for all seasons and with the bold and elegant US Navy logo and write-ups they are perfect for a proud patriotic expression in garment. From an extensive range of US Navy ball caps to wide array of stylish skull and watch caps, you have variety of head gear to pick from this military cap range. There are some cool child caps as well bearing the proud logo of US Navy.

5.  Military clothing

As for making a personal patriotic statement the military clothing range can be the most extensive choice. A wide variety of fashionable and lightweight jackets bearing US Army, Air Force, Navy or other military division logos are available. You can choose from a really wide range of finest quality T-shirts with military logos and write-ups. While you can make an instant patriotic statement with the military clothing range they are also cool fashion wear besides being durable enough to withstand rugged outdoor condition in a variety of circumstances.

6.  Decal or Stickers

Decals and stickers are nice decorative items to fill a vacant place with style. With decals and stickers with an extensive range of colorful US Military ( logos you can give an even more exhilarating look to your car windows, house doors or other suitable places.

7.  Lanyard

Lanyard won around the neck or used just as decorative object can be used to express patriotic feeling with colorful write-ups bearing the name of military divisions like Air Force, Navy, Army, Coast Guard, etc.