How to Choose the Best Tactical Shirts

When choosing the best tactical shirts, seek an online store which offers a wide array of highly specialized tactical clothes and equipment to military people, emergency services and law-enforcement officers. Different types of tactical shirts are available in the market; however, you should understand how to choose one that will meet your demands for everyday operations, and also would last in the field. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Weather conditions where the shirt will be worn– It’s important to weigh the weather conditions before selecting your tactical attires. Some shirts are designed in a special way to sustain extreme cold weather conditions. Other shirts are suitable for people carrying back packs or heavy gear. Combinations of different materials or hybrid designs are used by the manufacturers for making new revolutionary garments. At times, the upper torso portions of the clothes which are more temperature sensitive are protected with thermal insulation to give protection from extreme cold. Moreover, you will find shirts where the fabrics of the sleeves are water repellent, windproof and has a breathable nylon rip-stop cover. Consider the weather condition where you will be wearing the shirt and make your purchase accordingly.

How to Choose the Best Tactical Shirts

  • Utility for which the shirts will be worn – Tactical shirts are often used by military and law enforcement professionals. You may choose zip combat attire if you are from the military background. Currently, the tactical clothes which are designed for military use help to reduce the severity of burn injury by offering a comfortable uniform beneath your body armor and vests. These clothes are mostly manufactured with cotton and CORDURA base layer fabric. The shirts meet the no melt, no drip thermal requirement of the officers, keeping them cool and dry, and wick away the moisture from the body by drying quickly. The zipper of the military shirt consists of a cover hood for comfort and reinforced shoulders for minimizing rubbing. Combat tactical shirts also come with storage pockets on sleeves and loops on sleeve pockets for the sake of attaching badges, pins, rank insignia and patches.
  • Type of materials – You must have a look at the materials with which the tactical shirts are created. If you want, you can buy windproof and water repellent micro fleece lined front material. The shirt, whose upper body part is made up with nylon rip stop cover and is lined with light weight and has fast drying micro fleece, will help give you protection against wind chill. Besides, if you are looking for superior wear comfort, you may purchase shirts whose back and armpit areas are created with micro fleece. UF PRO air inserts in the shoulder area of the shirts help to prevent thermal connections, thus enhancing the comfort while wearing backpacks. You could also have shirt sleeves with G-Loft high performance insulation lining, dual access front pocket, striker sleeve pocket configuration and Velcro area on the upper arm. If you want to get highly breathable clothing, you may opt for shirts having three layers of soft shell laminated with windproof membrane. Choose the materials that best suit your needs, including polyester, cotton or a mix of both.
  • Different styles and designs – A range of styles and designs of tactical shirts are available in the market. You may choose the striker field design which can be worn as a stand-alone shirt. If you prefer, you can also furnish the shirt with flexible elbow protectors for providing effective elbow protection. Furthermore, with the help of anatomic cut design striker’s sleeve pocket shirt, you can wear it below your chest rigs or plate carriers. You may also opt for Velcro breast pocket shirts for avoiding secondary injuries from potential fragments. These side openings give access to the chest pockets while wearing tactical T-shirts and body armor. Often, the upper arm pocket includes a large Velcro area for unit patches and the lower arm comes with dual access pocket. You may also choose tactical clothes with cuff adjusters.
  • Tactical Clothing Manufacturers and Suppliers – If you want to get the best value for your money, choose the manufacturer that supplies tactical shirts to armed forces, operational deployments, law enforcement agencies, municipal police departments, federal and provincial departments of justice, search and rescue services, EMT, and private security organizations. Ensure the clothes have gone through extreme field testing. If the shirts can withstand the rigors of military operations in the field, you can safely use those clothes for hard-core outdoor adventures, as they are durable and long-lasting.

Check out the above considerations before choosing your tactical shirts. Place your order with the top clothing manufacturers and suppliers, selling the finest work wear and uniforms and get the best one for your needs.

Military Clothing – The Rugged Style for Civilians

Many civilians aspire to look and dress the way Military men and women do in their everyday work life. Military clothing not only looks very professional, but also is very stylish and authoritative and that appeals to everyone. Military clothing is not only stylish but also helps fight extreme weather conditions as well. Men in uniform work under severe atmosphere and abnormal weather such as severe snow, cold, or rainy conditions, hence the clothes they wear have the ability to offer them maximum protection, in civilian life too, people who work under such extreme temperatures use the Military formulae of clothing. Especially, outdoor and camping enthusiasts favor these types of clothes and accessories. Military jackets and boots best suits your outdoor adventure needs.

These clothing have also found a huge following with the Hollywood, many films based on Military have depicted various characters in military uniforms from Air Force Jackets, to boots in a glamorous yet authoritative way. Reality show hosts such as in American idol also have sported military clothing such as navy jackets, etc. on many occasions. The glamor world indeed takes inspiration from the sense of style, fashion of the military designs.

A look at some of the high fashionable clothing in the military world reveals why these clothing are in such high demand. Marine Corps is one of the strongest and the important unit of the military, it works under harsh physical and atmospheric conditions, the uniform, clothing designed for Marine Corps has to withstand such harsh weather, at the same time offer professional, authoritative, and stylish look to the person wearing it.

The replica Marine Corp jackets developed based on the original clothing includes all these factors. The Marine Corp. Fleece reversible jackets are a great addition to the outdoor adventure and military fashion enthusiasts. These jackets have vibrant colors and you can wear them on both the sides, by reversing it. Other such very useful and fashionable clothing includes the US Marine Corps ( Windbreaker Jackets, The Marines Black Satin Jacket, The Marines Red satin jacket, etc.

Military Clothing - The Rugged Style for Civilians

The US Air force replica clothing too, offer great value with high functionality at the same time make the person wearing it look stylish and professional.

The replica Air force clothing has a wide range of Air force clothing and accessories. From US Air Force jackets, to Air force sweat shirts, Polo shirts, T-shirts for both men and women.

The Air Force jackets come with stylish designs and the ability to combat any climatic conditions, some of the replica Air Force jackets are, “reversible fleece jackets,” which offer great value with two different colors, so you can wear them on both sides by reversing it.

Similar to the Air force and Marine Corps the replica Military clothing manufacturers also offer US navy clothing. Online sellers offer US navy clothing for men and women such as US Navy Jackets, US Navy Polo Shirts, U Navy sweatshirts, US navy T shirts, etc.

Most of these replica Military clothing offered online are lightweight and made from high quality fabrics, still can resist harsh temperatures and offer protection from extreme conditions such as snow, cold, rain, dust, etc. These satisfy the civilian instincts to wear rugged clothing for tough work, or living conditions. They are great gifts to retired service members your uncle, grandfather, dad, or to those aspiring to enroll in one of the armed forces going ahead in their careers.

Military Jackets are a Popular Fashion Trend Today

Jackets have their stylist appeal to all fashion minded people but when it comes to military jackets they are special because of the patriotic elements associated in their stylish logos and the typical macho look and feel. There are many reasons that military jackets make an important part of fashion wear. In spite of being made of solid and tough material that can withstand wear and tear of rugged condition their stitch, cut and other stylistic attributes are often fashionable enough to catch the fancy of fashion conscious youngsters and macho personalities. These light, fine crafted, all weather jackets are increasingly becoming part and parcel of today’s fashion trend. Let us have a quick look at some of the qualitative and fashionable aspects that made these jackets so popular.

Durable and strong

Military jackets, especially Air Force jackets are made of high quality satin and fleece material giving the fabric strength to bear the rough weather and outdoor condition. As far as durability and purposefulness is concerned you do not have much better option besides this range of Air Force ( jackets.

air force

Lightweight and full proof to any weather condition

Whether you are choosing a reversible fleece jacket or satin jacket or a windbreaker jacket with military insignia, each one would be lighter in weight than you ever expected and would provide sufficient warmth in a freezing outdoor condition. These jackets are made in a fashion so that besides keeping you warm in chilling winter you can wear them as a lightweight overall in other weather condition as well. The smooth and waterproof outer fabric assures total protection from snow and rain.

Fashionable and trendy in look and feel

Finally, when it comes to fashionable look and feel military jackets have an appeal for all age groups, particularly youth because of simple, elegant and macho look. Sleek design, beautiful and elegant Air Force patch or insignia, trendy zipped pocket, reversible sides for two different looks in a jacket and simple cut made the fashion elements of these jackets so coveted for young people. The sporty look and feel of these jackets particularly meets the expectation of young and muscular alike as far as making style statement is considered.

Some popular fashionable attributes in military jackets

The reversible fleece jackets are warm and popular for offering two different jackets in one. The quality insulation between the two reversible sides offers great warmth for all weather conditions. The two tone side outs further add charm to the sporty look of this range of jacket. Satin jackets are lightweight and with elastic collar and lower rim offer a slim sporty look and feel. The windbreaker jacket range is pretty cool with fashionable collars, detachable hood, zipped pocket and rain and snow proof smooth outside shell. While all of these military jackets are sporty and trendier in look and feel they are equally well built to protect you from the chilling weather or snowfall and rain.

Apart from the look, feel, fashion statement and practical aspects associated with any wearable garments these jackets have a distinct appeal for masculine youth because of the patriotic spirit they carry in their logo.

ASVAB Score – What it Takes to Get You in the Military

For all military aspirants, scoring high in ASVAB is critical. ASVAB or the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test is a multiple-choice test, conducted by the United States’ Defense Department. This standard military entrance examination ascertains the service sector of the military you are most suited for. However, taking the exam does not make it mandatory for you to get enlisted. ASVAB test was first started in 1968, and was put into action in the entire military by 1976.

What is an ASVAB test?

ASVAB evaluates the abilities of the candidate and suggest a suitable prospective occupational path for him. Every year, more than one million applicants, mostly high school students take this test and are accessed in four major categories – Arithmetic Reasoning, Knowledge of Mathematics, Paragraph Comprehension and Word Knowledge. There are some other sub-tests as well, but their scores are considered only for determining military occupational specialties (MOS) and recruitment bonuses.

You can appear for the test at a nearby Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS), where you take the computer administrated version of the test, also called CAT-ASVAB. However, if you do not reside near any MEPS, then you can opt for taking the ASVAB examination at a satellite location created in government offices, schools, or Reserve centers. These locations are Military Entrance Test or MET sites and here you have to take the paper and pen version of the ASVAB test. The number of problems and the time allotted for each section is different for both the formats.

ASVAB Score System

The ASVAB Score System is an amalgamation of individual and composite scores of different sub-tests. Your ASVAB scores are valid for two years and you can reappear for the exam after every 30 days. At present, the ASVAB examination consists of a total of eight subtests:

•  Arithmetic Reasoning (MEPS/MET – 16/30 questions, 39/36 minutes): This test evaluates your ability to solve mathematical word problems.

•  Word Knowledge (MEPS/MET – 16/35 questions, 8/11 minutes): The purpose of this sub-test is to ascertain your language understanding.

•  Paragraph Comprehension (MEPS/MET – 11/15 questions, 22/13 minutes): Paragraph comprehension analyses your ability to understand language and derive information from a given paragraph.

•  Mathematics Knowledge (MEPS/MET – 16/25 questions, 20/24 minutes): This test checks your understanding of mathematical principles and formulas.

•  General Science (MEPS/MET – 16/25 questions, 8/11 minutes): Evaluates knowledge of physical science and biology.

•  Electronics Information (MEPS/MET – 16/20 questions, 8/9 minutes): This sub-test ascertains your understanding of radio principles, electronics and electricity.

•  Auto & Shop Information (MEPS/MET – 22/25 questions, 13/11 minutes): This sub-test question knowledge of tools, automobiles and shop practices & terminology.

•  Mechanical Comprehension (MEPS/MET – 16/25 questions, 20/19 minutes): Mechanical comprehension tests your knowledge of mechanical and physical principles.

•  Assembling Objects (MEPS/ MET – 16/25 questions, 16/15 minutes): The result of this sub-test is useful only for navy enlistment and it measures the candidates’ structural skills.

The most important of the composite scores is Armed Forces Qualification Test or AFQT score ( This score is the combination of the test results of Verbal Composite, Arithmetic Reasoning and Knowledge in Math. Verbal Composite comprises of Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension. Each service branch has a minimum AFQT score requirement for their enlistment qualification. The minimum eligible score for Army enlistment is 31, Navy enlistment is 35, Marines enlistment is 31, Air Force enlistment is 36 and a Coast Guard enlistment is 45.

Achieving a higher ASVAB score will offer you the flexibility of choosing your preferred specialty and will get you the signing bonus you desire. So go ahead and buy some study guides and take practice tests to score more in ASVAB.

Make an Impression with Military Coats and Jackets

Military clothing is a hot fashion niche for all seasons. Whether to flaunt a macho look or a casual and sporty style, there is a whole range of military clothing befitting for a wide range of stylistic aspirations. Besides their so called fashion attributes they are also known for their quality material and built to withstand the wear and tear for long. Most important of all, Army and Air Force apparel, carry the pride of the nation with you. These clothing varieties with military logo and bold writing, creating patterns and designs over the fabric symbolize masculine pride.

There is an array of choices available in this fashionable clothing niche. From typical lightweight sporty look casual Air Force wear to Marine Corps clothing to fashion wear with US Navy logo to Coast Guard tee shirts to a whole range of clothing with patriotic logos and flag signs, you always have an array of choices at your disposal. Let us have a look at various categories of military clothing and their impressive fashion attributes.

Air Force Clothing

You have a variety of fashion and comfort wear to choose from with USAF logo. Lightweight Air Force jacket with zipped front and pinstripe collar is a super cool stylish winter wear. Air Force Polo shirts offer a sporty as well as sincere look for men of vitality. There is some exquisite sporty casual T-shirts in this range including Air Force Sweatshirts, simple looking Air Force T-shirts for men and women, etc.

Marine Corps clothing

From bright red Marine Corps satin jacket with pinstripe collar to simple and bold T-shirts flaunting Marine Corps ( logo and trendy write-ups, you have an array of fashionable outdoor garment choices at your disposal in this range.

US Navy clothing

US Navy clothing range has a special appeal as all season casual wear for men. From extremely lightweight satin jackets to elegant Polo t-shirts to casual look t-shirts for men and women, this range offer perfect stylish outdoor wear for all seasons and conditions.

US Army clothing

For men of vitality, vigor and fashion aspiration these casual sporty look garments are perfect fit. From smooth and lightweight satin jackets to a whole range of t-shirts flaunting the honorable US Army logo, you have really a luxurious range of lightweight outdoor wear for all seasons. Actually the range offers light t-shirts for everyone in the family varying from Polo shirts to sweatshirts to casual look t-shirts for men and women.

Patriotic clothing

A whole range of fine t-shirts, jackets and fashion garments are available with patriotic logos, write-ups and US flag print. From silky smooth satin jackets with patriotic logo to patriotic T-shirts for men and women, you have some cool choices in offer.

Military clothing bears the proud logo of the country’s top forces and these garments are often seen in close relation to their heroic patriotic deeds. Naturally, unlike any other fashion wear range they have an appeal for wearing something honorable and meaningfully patriotic. The notion of patriotic spirit and pride apart, they are quality wearable with impressive fashion attributes.

Seven Ways to Make Patriotism More Personal in the New Year

Every one of us has our own patriotic spirit expressed either in subtle manners or in heroic deeds. For many people patriotism is a fetishistic and personal aspect of life that can be gaily expressed in fashion wear, useful accessories or decorative items. While some of them have their practical value others only serve the purpose of beautiful decorative objects expressing patriotic ideal and spirit in color and style. From the variety of patriotic expressions we can conclude that a lot of people simply aspire to take the spirit to a very personal level. Let us introduce here seven ways to make patriotism more personal in this New Year.

1.  US Army/Air Force License Plate Frame

There is no better and elegant way to add a patriotic flavor to your personal automobile than just using a license plate frame with US Army or US Air Force logo. The elegant metal finish of these plates can be given more attractive a look with the US Army or Air Force bold write-ups and logo. Such plates not only make the car stand apart from the crowd in look, but they also have a great decorative value for the car besides obviously flaunting a patriotic expression on a personal level.

2.  Military Patches

Military patches bearing the logo of the US Air Force, Army, Navy, Coast Guard or any of the prestigious US forces offer a subtle yet stylish element to express your patriotic feeling in a spirited manner. Military patches are available in a whole array of logo styles and types of patches.

3.  Military Mugs

Coffee mugs and drink ware bearing the logo of the US Army, Air Force, Navy or other military forces are fashionable items for practical purposes that add a patriotic charm in your everyday life. From patriotic mugs with flag design all over the mug body to an extensive range Air Force mugs and tumblers in cool shades, from US Army Airborne coffee mug to Army glass mugs to travel mugs, you have every kind of choice in mugs and drink ware to choose from this range.

4.  Navy Caps/Head-wear

US Navy caps are great fashion head wear for all seasons and with the bold and elegant US Navy logo and write-ups they are perfect for a proud patriotic expression in garment. From an extensive range of US Navy ball caps to wide array of stylish skull and watch caps, you have variety of head gear to pick from this military cap range. There are some cool child caps as well bearing the proud logo of US Navy.

5.  Military clothing

As for making a personal patriotic statement the military clothing range can be the most extensive choice. A wide variety of fashionable and lightweight jackets bearing US Army, Air Force, Navy or other military division logos are available. You can choose from a really wide range of finest quality T-shirts with military logos and write-ups. While you can make an instant patriotic statement with the military clothing range they are also cool fashion wear besides being durable enough to withstand rugged outdoor condition in a variety of circumstances.

6.  Decal or Stickers

Decals and stickers are nice decorative items to fill a vacant place with style. With decals and stickers with an extensive range of colorful US Military ( logos you can give an even more exhilarating look to your car windows, house doors or other suitable places.

7.  Lanyard

Lanyard won around the neck or used just as decorative object can be used to express patriotic feeling with colorful write-ups bearing the name of military divisions like Air Force, Navy, Army, Coast Guard, etc.

US Military – A Brief Overview

What does one expect about US Military? It is interesting to work on zones that you would never imagine to dominate in life.  If one intends to join the team, it would be better for them to learn certain aspects about this field. There are many ways through which you can find information related to this topic. During the recruitment process, materials will be given with details regarding military. Further reading and research on this subject can be useful.

Researching just for fun is a different story when compared to those who aim to seek knowledge due to their decision in joining the military. If being part of military is your reason, you need to think twice about your decision. Is this what you wanted out of life? After joining the crew, are you ready to strive with endeavor? You need to look into the motives that make you join military and the reasons that will hold you in this profession.

Quick Facts

Certain facts that you need to know to kick start your life in military:

1)      The various branches of Military forces in US come under the partnership of The United States Armed Forces. The purpose of its formation is to protect the country against British Empire.  The Second Continental Congress had enacted this during the American Revolutionary War.

2)      The Navy, Army and Marine Corps were formed in 1775 to be used the year after the Declaration of Independence. The combination of the United States Life-Saving Service and the Revenue Cutter Service formed the Coast Guard in 1915. The Revenue Cutter Service has been in existence since 1790. Whereas in 1947, the United States Air Force was affirmed as an independent service.  Since 1926 it used to be the United States Army Air Corps until the year it got altered and confirmed as the US Air Force.

3)      The foundation and progress of country’s history shows that the US Military had played an important role.  The victory of the Barbary Wars and the War of 1812 are solid proofs.  As a result, the feelings of national unity increased and the consciousness of individuality spread among the people when the country won these historical battles.

4)      The president of the country is the commander-in-chief of the military. The dual force of the President and Secretary of Defense together formed the policy of the Military. After the September 11 peak attacks, Department of Homeland Security was established aiming to battle the internal menaces.

5)      Being one of the biggest Militaries worldwide, it is comprised of about three million personnel. Half of them are reserve personnel.  The great number of volunteers is the main reason which characterizes its manpower.

6)      The devices and gadgets used by the armed forces in the US are hi-tech and powerful which give them the certainty to fight and win the battles. Furthermore, full support is provided by the US government especially in finance which allows them to buy sophisticated equipment in large quantity.

7)      Each year the budget of the US military is approximately about $711 billion which is 50% of the expenses of military worldwide.